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Design and branding can be so fun to incorporate into events and can be so crucial when throwing a corporate party where you want that brand to be noticed. How do you host a party for your co-workers and clients making it fun, celebratory, but also incorporating their logo or brand?

Three words … custom roaming treats!

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The fabulous New York based interior design by-the-hour company, Homepolish, came to us requesting some desserts to be served at their 5 year anniversary party for their Austin branch. Desiring a dessert presentation that would capture the Austin vibe while incorporating their logo throughout the event, we knew exactly what to serve.

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Held at the beautiful indoor and outdoor Malverde space in La Condesa, the perched view over 2nd Street offered a gorgeous backdrop of the skyline views of our downtown city. Representing our Austin pride, we served on our custom-made guitar strap tray and you better believe we packed that tray with some delicious sweetness! Serving funfetti, red velvet, and chocolate cupcakes, we topped each one with an edible Homepolish logo making them almost too cute to eat! And, because we’re Texas-proud, we packed some custom cactus-shaped lollipops and some sugary, sweet churros. Guests swooned over the presentation and enjoyed sweet treats throughout the night.  The interactive dessert option was definitely the icing on the cake to a wonderful evening.

If you want your event design and branding to be memorable at your next party – make it something sweet and edible! We will come up with the PERFECT option that is sure to excite and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

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ILEA Austin ASE Awards Gala: Circus Obscura

Step right up! Come one, come all!

A night filled with circus peanuts, cracker jacks and illusionists, The Cupcake Bar was excited to play a part in the ILEA Austin ASE Awards Gala. We are ESPECIALLY excited to announce we were nomimated for “Spirit of ILEA” and even won the ILEA scholarship to ILEA Live in Calgary in August – we are SO EXCITED!

ileaaustin_sweettreats_favorwall_austindesserts_cupcakebar_Austin_events 2

Held at the classic AT&T Center, Big Time Creative really out-planned themselves with a circus obscura themed gala dressing the room from head to toe. With rentals from Premiere and Marquee along with lighting from Ilios, guests were in for a circus experience like no other. Floral from Epic Event Design and Zuzu’s Petals painted the space beautifully pulling out the bright colors in the dark, ominous room. Tunes from DJ Gatsby and Terra Vista Springs had every guest in a dancing mood.

ileaaustin_sweettreats_favorwall_austindesserts_cupcakebar_Austin_events 3                 ileaaustin_sweettreats_favorwall_austindesserts_cupcakebar_Austin_events 4

Featuring our fabulous favor wall, The Cupcake Bar provided a real treat for every guest allowing them to create and customize their own take home sweets bag. Guests would walk up our interactive treats gal, grab an empty goodie bag, then help themselves to sweet treats on our favor wall – choosing between caramel dipped apples, cupcakes, candy cigarettes, pop rocks, cracker jacks and more.  Oh my! The combinations were endless! Thinking of it as a “sweet buffet on a wall”, every adult left with a HUGE childlike, mile-wide smile on their face with their goodie bag filled to the brim with their tasty favorites.

In need of a unique, interactive dessert element at your next themed event? Keep The Cupcake Bar in mind! Customizing our colors, treats, and even wall backdrop to fit your event needs is what we love to do. We can fit in and dress the part for any and every occasion – we do it all.

We look forward to putting on our brainstorming hats to come up with a special idea that is sure to WOW both you and your guests!

Photos by: Jerry Hayes Photography and Rachael Hall Photography

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