Churr-ok if We Roam?

What’s the best way to keep a poppin’ party alive?

Say it with me … AFTER PARTY! Not just any after party, an after party that included a bacon bar from Primizie, a live honky tonk band, and us – The Cupcake Bar!

Featuring our roaming treat bar with a fun Texas kick, we knocked the boots off this corporate event after party at Brazos Hall. Planned by the talented Brock + Co, we served roaming churros with their choice of mexican chocolate or salted caramel dipping sauces. Guests raved how it was the perfect sweet treat to end the night. Keeping to the Texas theme, our gals wore a denim button down with pearl snaps and cowboy boots while carrying our Austin-inspired guitar strap tray and boot scooting into the crowd. It was a fun time had by all.


BUT, The Cupcake Bar can do so much more than roaming treats! We can almost do roaming anything from party props, flash tattoos, doughnuts, and other fun sweets. Similar to the concept of the 1920 cigarette girls, we carry a tray and roam through the crowd offering sweets and fun. Our speciality is making a completely custom tray to liven up any corporate event, wedding or party! Roaming treats is an exciting and unique way to interact with your guests and bring the FUN to everyone. Not to mention, dressing up and getting into the theme is what we live for! Just check out our past fun outfits on our Instagram.

Contact The Cupcake Bar today for a quote on your next event. Roaming treats is just one of the many services we offer, so let’s work together to make your event sweet, fun and exciting!

Photos taken by Jenny DeMarco.

Sweetening Up Corporate Events

Colors, themes, company logo – it’s all the small details that can make a BIG impact on your event, and each one has their own personality and branding they want their guests to experience. A brand though, is more than just a promise of course – it’s identity, recognition, and character.


Parading a company’s brand at an event can happen in many different ways. BUT our favorite way is serve guests a sweet treat that will keep them coming back for more!  Because who doesn’t love a cupcake with a side of branding?!


The Cupcake Bar can fit all your needs whether you want our full-service cupcake bar or our roaming treats bar. Everything from customizing our toppings and candies to linen and attire – we want to be the added touch that makes your event both memorable and fun for everyone!


Check out this boot-stopping welcome party!


Serenaded by the honky-tonk King, Dale Watson, and planned by the fabulous Couture Details Events, these Chicago guests were in a treat! Held at the uber-hip Austin’s Container Bar, everyone was able to taste the true meaning of southern hospitality with a craft cocktail, live music, and a cupcake.


Roaming with our “Loyalty = Sweet” cupcake trays, our cupcake bartenders wandered through the crowd making sure every guest tasted the sweet side of branding once – maybe even two or three times (they were mini cupcakes … half the calories!)


When it comes to planning the interactive element at your next corporate event, let The Cupcake Bar be your special touch! We’d love customize and coordinate your brand serving your guests a SWEET reminder of why your company rocks!


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Photos by: Lisa Hause Photography

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