Holiday: Red Velvet+strawberry=cupid cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means its time to start planning your romantic night with the one you love...or for those of you who are not so excited about the holiday, scheming ways to get around the cheesy heart shaped boxes of chocolates and conversation hearts.

For all your guys and gals who think Cupid is Stupid, come join us at House Wine on Valentine’s Day from 6-8pm to enjoy a not-so-romantic, ANTI Valentine’s Cupcake and Wine Pairing!

Cupcake and Wine Pairing: $13

Cupcake Flavors: "All the Single Ladies" Cupcake- No Blue Ivy on this Cupcake, but you will get a yummy Strawberry Cupcake topped with a Strawberry Buttercream! Don't forget to "put a ring on it" because it will have a fun "Ring Pop" as a topper! FUN!

"I'm too Sexy for This...." Cupcake- Try a Dark Chocolate Cupcake filled with Whipped Cream. Topped with a Dark Chocolate Icing and a Cherry on Top... Pretty Sexy, dontcha think?!

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" Cupcake- Yes, we are children of the 80's, but what is more fun than a Vanilla Cupcake with a Raspberry Filling?! Don't forget the Vanilla Buttercream icing and the copious amounts of "sugar" crystals for toppings! Not only pretty, but yummy, too!

Find out more information and RSVP here!

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