Servers serve flash frozen nitrogen desserts at a corporate event in Austin, TX

Ice, Ice, Baby: Nitrogen Flash-Frozen Treats

Looking for a cool and unique dessert or snack option for your next event? Our liquid nitrogen frozen treats are a major crowd pleaser and are sure to bring the WOW factor!

If you've never tried a nitro frozen snack, you're in for a treat! The odorless, flavorless liquid nitrogen freezes the food on contact, creating a frosty outer layer and a captivating Dragon's Breath effect. It's amazing watch and even more amazing to eat!

Nitrogen Snack & Dessert Bars

Macarons, Mini Oreos, Mini meringues, and more! Our Nitro Snack and Dessert Bars are a true crowd-pleaser and a mesmerizing display of ice, smoke, and sugar. Guests choose their treats and we flash freeze them before their eyes in a mesmerizing display of wonder. 

Nitro Treat Bar Masquerade Theme Corporate Event Austin Texas 
Display of nitro frozen macarons at a corporate masquerade ball event in Austin, Texas
Liquid Nitrogen Dessert Bar at event in Austin, Texas

Nitrogen Roaming Trays

Nitro + roaming treats = an out-of-this-world experience! How it works: our bartenders (with proper training) work the crowd while carrying liquid nitrogen and your treat(s) of choice. (Cheesy, buttery popcorn? Mini Rice Krispie Treats? Mini marshmallows? So many options!) Upon request, we pour the nitrogen on top of the treat, drain it, and voila! A flash-frozen delicacy is yours to enjoy.

Woman serves liquid nitrogen frozen treats at a corporate event in Austin, Texas
Woman serves flash frozen nitrogen popcorn at a corporate event in Austin, Texas

Let us know how we can help you create a truly one-of-a-kind experience at your next event!


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