Introducing our new Self-Guided Service

Introducing Self-Guided Service Bars!

At The Cupcake Bar, we're always looking for new ways to bring people together through celebrations. It's at the core of what we do, and we LOVE helping people create lasting memories!

That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Self-Guided Service Bars! This new offering is designed to elevate your event by providing a fun, interactive, and creative way for your guests to engage with each other.


What is a Self-Guided Service Bar?

Think of it as a combo of our events services + our classes—in other words, a match made in celebration heaven!

Like our custom event dessert offerings, it's completely full service, meaning we bring everything to your event and handle the process from start to finish. That way, it's truly easy for you and enjoyable for your guests!

Like our hands-on classes, it's a fun way to connect and learn something new, with a built-in keepsake! And also like our classes, we offer options for sweet treats, savory items, and non-food items.


How do Self-Guided Service Bars work?

On the day of your event, we'll bring everything with us, including tables, linens, supplies, and staff, so you don't have to lift a finger!

Once the event starts, our staff will be available to guide guests through the process, and your guests will create their masterpiece at their own pace. Our team will attend the bar and answer any questions your guests may have. Once they've created their wonderful keepsake, guests can continue to mingle and enjoy the event!

Self-Guided Service includes cookie decorating, succulent arrangement, BBQ spices, and more!


Why choose our Self-Guided Service Bars?

Looking for a memorable activation for your Austin conference? How about a unique "thank you" gift for your employee appreciation event? This service provides just that. It's a creative twist that will make your celebrations even more meaningful.

Due to the come-and-go nature of this service, guests are free to participate quickly or enjoy for as long as they'd like. The end result? Guests can fully immerse themselves in the process and create a keepsake that will remind them of your event!


What will guests create?

There is no limit to the possibilities this service offers! Our current offerings include:

  • BBQ Spices
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Succulent Gardens
  • And more!

Truly the best of both worlds, this interactive experience allows guests get in on the action for a little DIY fun and is perfect for team builders or celebrations!

Cookie decorating self-guided service


One of our specialties is working with businesses large and small to bring fun and unique activation experiences while representing the company (or brand). Let us come in and wow your guests with our fully customizable branding options, from matching themed decor to integrating colors or logos the options are truly endless.

We love creating interactive and creatively fun experiences for you. Reach out and let us know how we can help you celebrate!

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