Cupcake Bar: Custom Costumes

Hey Cupcakers! As if you didn’t already know, The Cupcake Bar gets beyond excited about themed events. We’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of some really amazing events with super cool themes. Getting dressed up in costume, the hair, the makeup, the whole nine yards—we’re IN. TO. IT.We had so much fun at a corporate event recently. The fabulously talented team of planners and designers at CLINK threw a far-out movie themed holiday party. Each room was a different movie theme, and The Cupcake Bar was beyond excited to be in the Willy Wonka room (could that have been more perfect for us??)!! Our handsome Cupcake Bartender, Jason, donned a spot-on Willy Wonka costume, and Mabil, another of our rockstar bartenders, made the most adorable Umpa Lumpa. Big, huge shout out to the famous Jerry Hayes for taking some really stunning photos of the event. The event was packed with much fun, imagination and nostalgia! This one will live in our memory for years to come. Check out the photo album on our Facebook page.


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