Announcement: The Cupcake Bar Has A New Space!

Hey Cupcakers!The Cupcake Bar has officially transitioned into our new space and we’re loving it! Since we moved in, we’ve had some wonderful visitors come through and warm the space with us—and we can’t wait to throw an open house soiree! Several brides, grooms, and eager teens have enjoyed cupcakes in our tasting room while dreaming of toppings and picking out decor. The Cupcake Bar has also had some great friends pop in to see the new digs. Thank you all for stopping by! If you'd like to come in for a tasting or a friendly visit, we would love it if you’d make an appointment! We’d hate to miss you because we’re out at an event, so please call ahead of time!! The wonderfully talented Melissa from Pimp CO painted our wall to look like a sprinkled cupcake, and our light-up “love” sign is aglow, warming up our entry way. On a routine day in the shop, you’ll find the Cupcake Wizards—Lori, Kim and Sarah buzzing around getting ready for events—the counters lined with sprinkles and arts and crafts projects, music playing (Missy Elliot Pandora station— you’re welcome), and the smell of sugar in the air. Our smiley Cupcake Bartenders hustle in to pick up the goods, and off to your event they go! We also love our building mates, FRAME gym and Fast Forward Ink! Thanks for being such great friends and neighbors! AND, we’re also tickled pink that Lick Ice Cream, Bufalina Pizza and Odd Duck are moving in right across the street! What?!? Ok, here we go! Let’s get geared up for SXSW!!! You’ve gotta book The Cupcake Bar for your SXSW event!!

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