The Cupcake Bar

The Cupcake Bar

The old faithful, the OG, the reason we are all gathered here today. The Cupcake Bar.

Our original Cupcake Bar is a full-service, interactive dessert experience. Guests do the choosing, we do the building, and ta-da! A masterpiece is born. Follow below for a step by step explanation of this yummy process.

Step 1:

Cupcake Flavor. We bring up to 3 preselected flavors for guests to choose from. These little cuties come fresh, naked (meaning no icing), and ready to customize to each individual’s liking. We can do a regular sized cupcake or a mini— but, life is short— go big!


Step 2:

Filling. Totally optional but like your mama taught ya, it’s whats on the inside that counts. Chocolate, caramel, WHIPPED CREAM….the options are endless and it provides a nice little surprise with every bite.

Step 3:

Icing. Up to 3 preselected icing flavors are available to make the ultimate cupcake pairing. A little or a lot, it matters not, this is a step that definitely hits the spot.


Step 4:

Toppings! A place where your personality can truly shine. Up to 8 customized toppings eagerly wait to be picked to dance upon your sweet masterpiece. From chocolate to gummy bears, cereals to sprinkles, there is something for everyone in this department. And no, you’re not limited to just one. Go nuts (literally).



Now is not the time to be modest. Every cupcake that leaves our bartender’s hands is blessed with a spritz of edible glitter. Yes, glitter. It’s basically a smile in a bottle, is compliant with any diet you can think of, and honestly…your Instagram will thank us later.


You’ve worked hard! Enjoy!!


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