Cause of the Quarter: Austin Animal Center

Cause of the Quarter: Austin Animal Center

At The Cupcake Bar, a huge part of our mission is to give back to our local community. We know how fortunate we are to call Austin, TX home. We’re so proud to live and work in a city that’s truly representative of Texas hospitality at its best, which is why we are so excited to announce our Cause of the Quarter for Q1!  

Now through the end of March, $1 from the sale of each Cupcake Kit will go to our Cause of the Quarter, the Austin Animal Center.


About the Austin Animal Center

Their mission is:

  • To provide public service and a safety net for lost and homeless animals in the community by providing necessary food, water, shelter and standard municipal veterinary care for animals in need.
  • To provide placement services that will assist lost, homeless or sheltered animals to their homes or find new homes when necessary, to provide live outcomes for at least 95% of sheltered animals.
  • To enforce animal regulations and assist the public with animal-related concerns, including impoundment, quarantine and other rabies control services in order to protect citizens and animals in our community.
  • To provide animal services to the public in order to educate and prevent animal homelessness and promote humane, compassionate treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

Learn more about the organization or provide direct support here.


We thank you for helping us spread love to our community!


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