DO-NUT Worry, Be Happy!

Doughnuts – the deep fried cakes with a long European history is now OFFICIALLY one of the fun, interactive bars The Cupcake Bar is offering. Because after all, who says doughnuts have to be limited to a morning treat? We say, this tasty treat should be enjoyed at any time of the day!

Hmm, but how does it work?

                  Step one: Choose your doughnut – What one suits you best?

                  Step two: Fill it in! – A little Bavarian creme, maybe?!

                  Step three: Make it drizzle – Because, drizzle makes everyone happy!

                  Step four: Toppings for days – Choose one, choose them all!

                  Step five: Eat it up! – DO-NUT neglect your happiness!

 trinityhall_lisahause_CLINK_austinvenue_319              trinityhall_lisahause_CLINK_austinvenue_321

We can customize our bars to any and every event whether you are looking for something corporate and professional or social and fun – The Cupcake Bar can do it all. With a variety of linens, plate ware, and colors, personalizing to YOUR event is what we do best.   And, yes, we even have a NEW doughnut wall as a fun add on to your event!


Check out our latest Doughnut Bar experience in action!


Planned by the ever-talented CLINK, The Cupcake Bar was able to showcase what we do best at the newly renovated Trinity Hall. It was a fun evening with vendors such as Contigo Catering, Whim, Altared Weddings, and The Color Condition (just to name a few) making an appearance. Even the Sparks Agency showed off their leather customizing skills by helping guests create their own luggage tag or cup coaster to go home with.

 doughnutbar_doughnutsaustin_austinvenue_cupcakes_cupcakebar_261                           doughnutbar_doughnutsaustin_austinvenue_cupcakes_cupcakebar_247

Attention and buzz was captured by every guest from our edible doughnut wall as a backdrop (yum!) – the wall was provided by Birch & Brass and greenery by the crafty Merveille.  And, a special thank you to The Inviting Pear, who helped create the gorgeous signage.  Because honestly, who would not be GLAZED at the sight of a delicious doughnut wall you can eat!


So call or email us today to personally experience our latest interactive doughnut bar at your next event. We assure you, people have never experienced a doughnut quite like ours.  Do-nut wait!

Gorgeous Photography:  Lisa Hause Photography

Sweetening Up Corporate Events

Colors, themes, company logo – it’s all the small details that can make a BIG impact on your event, and each one has their own personality and branding they want their guests to experience. A brand though, is more than just a promise of course – it’s identity, recognition, and character.


Parading a company’s brand at an event can happen in many different ways. BUT our favorite way is serve guests a sweet treat that will keep them coming back for more!  Because who doesn’t love a cupcake with a side of branding?!


The Cupcake Bar can fit all your needs whether you want our full-service cupcake bar or our roaming treats bar. Everything from customizing our toppings and candies to linen and attire – we want to be the added touch that makes your event both memorable and fun for everyone!


Check out this boot-stopping welcome party!


Serenaded by the honky-tonk King, Dale Watson, and planned by the fabulous Couture Details Events, these Chicago guests were in a treat! Held at the uber-hip Austin’s Container Bar, everyone was able to taste the true meaning of southern hospitality with a craft cocktail, live music, and a cupcake.


Roaming with our “Loyalty = Sweet” cupcake trays, our cupcake bartenders wandered through the crowd making sure every guest tasted the sweet side of branding once – maybe even two or three times (they were mini cupcakes … half the calories!)


When it comes to planning the interactive element at your next corporate event, let The Cupcake Bar be your special touch! We’d love customize and coordinate your brand serving your guests a SWEET reminder of why your company rocks!


Request a quote today!



Photos by: Lisa Hause Photography

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