Announcement: The Cupcake Bar Celebrates!

Announcement: The Cupcake Bar Celebrates!

We Won! We Won! We Won! The Cupcake Bar is THRILLED to announce we just won the ASE Award for the category of Best Dessert at the International Special Events Society (ISES) Austin Chapter Gala! This is a huge honor and we vow to continue to BRING. IT. when it comes to offering unique and interactive dessert experiences for our fabulous clients and partners.

We here at The Cupcake Bar are also so proud of Lori Schneider we could burst. Not only is she our fearless leader (The Cupcake Bar is her brain child, she’s kept it going strong for 7 years and will no doubt continue to grow her cupcake empire), but now she’s serving as President of ISES Austin Chapter. ISES Austin is now the largest chapter in the world, and it’s members include the crème de la crème of events professionals. You’re killing it, Lori, and we’re so proud!!

The Cupcake Bar has a lot to celebrate right now! What are you celebrating? Let us bring our award winning service to your next party!

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