Custom Doughnut Bar and Wall

Doughnut Bar: Unicorns, Candy, Sparkles, and Doughnuts! Oh My!

Unicorns, candy, sparkles, and doughnuts – only in a perfect world would all these things live under the same roof. However, we’re here to tell you that roof DID exist and it was in Travisso! They hosted a lovely Ladies Home Tour, showing off some of their gorgeous properties while serving mimosas and small bites. We brought the sweets and sparkle!

Guests enjoyed completely customized doughnuts served to order, allowing them to choose their doughnut, filling, drizzle, and toppings with our interactive doughnut bar. However, the talk of the event was our edible doughnut wall! People had to try it for themselves, as they were in disbelief that they could choose the perfect doughnut from the wall and then customize it onsite. Keeping in the unicorn and glitter theme, the doughnuts were glazed with pink, purple, and turquoise icings and finished off with some edible glitter - our special touch! It was a doughnut almost too fun to eat!

Pink, purple, and turquoise glazed doughnuts make a stunning statement piece on our doughnut wall
Doughnuts made to order at our interactive doughnut bar

We kept Travisso in mind, as branding was very important to them and the goal was to get the hashtag going. We created the perfect #Travisso sign so guests knew which social media hashtag to use to win fun prizes!

As doughnuts were being served in one house, we had more sweets roaming between different properties - serving up candy to hungry visitors off of our roaming treats tray. Branding our tray with Travisso lollipops was just one way we helped promote to guests that Travisso is a SWEET place to live. Making sure to satisfy everyone's palate, we included grapefruit sour gummies, strawberry banana gummy bears, chocolate cherry cordials, and rock candy crystal lollipops – just to name a few. Children and adults alike had a blast grabbing a handful of candy necklaces, who doesn't love to wear bling you can eat!

Custom Travisso Roaming Candy tray
Satisfy your sweet tooth with our roaming treats

Allow The Cupcake Bar to be a part of your next event! Show off your fun personality to everyone in an edible way, while keeping your branding in mind. We can’t wait to engage and interact, all while serving you and your sweet tooth!

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