Wedding Celebration complete with cupcake bar, doughnut bar, and rainbow doughnut wall

Austin Wedding: Sarahbeth and Lilli

Filled with family, love, cupcakes, and doughnuts, it was the sweetest of evenings for Sarabeth and Lilli.

Sarabeth and Lilli had an intimate, private ceremony with immediate family and friends months before but still wanted to celebrate their marriage and host a reception - one that would be equally as sweet and special as they are. Guests joined in celebrating the union of these two beautiful brides on a gorgeous Austin, Texas evening.

These ladies came to The Cupcake Bar looking for an interactive dessert, and we knew a Doughnut Wall would be a perfect fit. What better way than to experience sweet fun than by adding in our Doughnut Bar and Cupcake Bar? As if choosing between doughnuts and cupcakes wasn’t hard enough, guests also had a variety of toppings, fillings, and icings to personalize in their sweet treat in their own unique way. Most guests opted for both, because why not!?

Edible Rainbow Doughnut Wall celebrating love

Rainbows were an important element to incorporate into the décor for the brides, so we subtly integrated it with our gumballs, ribbons, and topping choices. However the real jaw-dropper was our edible rainbow Doughnut Wall! Guests had a blast capturing the delicious backdrop by taking selfies - because after all, how many times can you take a bite out of a wall!?!

Love is a powerful, beautiful thing and The Cupcake Bar was so honored to be a part of Sarabeth & Lilli's special day.

Celebrating love with sweet treats - cupcakes AND doughnuts

Share your love with family and friends and help make the world a little sweeter! Contact us today for a personalized quote. Don't forget to ask about our Dessert Wall options - from doughnuts to cupcakes to other sweet treats, we always come up with something unique and special for your event!

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