Cupcake Bar: Cupcake Horoscope: Which Cupcake are You?

Cupcake Bar: Cupcake Horoscope: Which Cupcake are You?

We love to have a little fun at The Cupcake Bar, which includes a little cupcake horoscope that we created, back when we first started our business!  Let us know- is it accurate?!

aries vanilla cupcake. chocolate fudge icing. pop rocks.

taurus red velvet cupcake. caramel filling.  walnuts.

gemini tres leches cupcake. salted caramel buttercream. toasted coconut.

cancer carrot cake cupcake. cream cheese icing. pecans.

leo pineapple coconut cupcake. coconut icing. jimmies.

virgo strawberry cupcake. strawberry buttercream. chocolate chips.

libra dark chocolate cupcake. chocolate raspberry buttercream. fresh raspberry.

scorpio pumpkin spice cupcake. cinnamon cream cheese. gold shimmer.

sagittarius chocolate peanut butter cupcake. chocolate peanut butter icing. reese's.

capricorn chocolate mint cupcake. mint chocolate buttercream. crushed candy cane.

aquarius cranberry vanilla cupcake. orange dreamsicle buttercream. almonds.

pisces italian creme cupcake. vanilla buttercream.marshmellows

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