Interactive Graffiti Doughnut Wall

Graffiti Doughnuts: Make Your Mark

One of our favorite things about Austin, Texas is being surrounded by all of the beautiful street art. It brightens the streets, inspires photo ops, and is fascinating to watch live. While our talents fall more in the sugar department, we were inspired by our city’s colorful pastime and got to thinking… what if we could bring that same joy to our clients? That’s how the interactive Graffiti Doughnut Wall was born.

Grab some paint and create your edible masterpiece with our Graffiti Doughnut Wall

The palette is certainly a bit sweeter, the “paint” is edible, and the artist is YOU! If you know The Cupcake Bar, you know we love interactive desserts and this one is quickly working its way up the list as one of our favorites.

The best part of this piece of art is that skill is not required. All you have to do is pick a color and aim towards the donut of your choice. Of course, we top it off with our signature edible glitter… because, glitter.

Ta-dah! Your sweet work of art is fully ready to be ‘grammed and gobbled.

Step up to this blank canvas and graffiti your own doughnut
Doughnuts are the canvas for our interactive graffiti doughnut wall
Completely custom graffiti doughnuts will delight your guests with this interactive dessert

Keep this interactive Graffiti Doughnut Wall in mind when planning your upcoming event, wedding or mitzvah and let us know how we can sweeten your day in the best possible way.

Make your mark with our interactive graffiti doughnut wall



Photographer: Lisa Hause Photography

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