Woman makes custom caramel apples at a fall wedding in Austin, Texas

The Caramel Apple Bar

The fall favorite. The blast from your past. The perfect salty + sweet combo: The Caramel Apple Bar.

Carrying on the interactive dessert experience you know and love, guests take creative control, we do the work, and serve the treats over with plenty of napkins. See the step by step process below!

Step 1: Choose your apples.

Red and green. Either or both. We will bring them to your event dipped in our spiced caramel goodness. All you have to do is pick your favorite!

Step 2: Select your toppings.

You’ll have several choices to roll your caramel-coated fruit snack around in. Gold shimmer? M&M's? Peanuts? (Pro tip: ask for more than one!)


Step 3: Time to drizzle.

To drizzle or not to drizzle? At this point, you are caramel’d, you are decorated, and you have the option to add a drizzle for a tad more flavor. We recommend getting your apple sliced (yes, we do that for you) then adding the drizzle. That allows for all of the goodness to get into the nooks and crannies so that you enjoy every. single. bite.


Step 4: Glitter it up!

Surely you know the drill by now. IT'S GLITTER TIME! That's right, disco dust doesn’t discriminate. Each apple will be spritzed with our disco dust for a final touch. After that, it’s yours to enjoy!



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