How It's Done: Kits

How It's Done: Kits

Whether you’re a last minute Larry or a planned out Patty, there’s probably going to be a scenario where you need something fabulous thrown together. Let’s talk.

The Cupcake Bar has broken down all of the elements that make up our tasty treats for a little DIY fun we like to call “The Kit”.

Our traditional kit comes with 6 naked cupcakes (note: they aren’t scandalous, they just haven’t been dressed up yet), 3 icings, and 3 toppings. There is also a spatula and a step by step guide to help you build the cupcake of your dreams.

Our mini kit mirrors its traditional big sister above but comes with 2 naked cupcakes, 2 icings and 2 toppings. Spatula and guide are included.

Our seasonal Caramel Apple Kit is available in the fall and comes with 4 small apples, our must have spiced caramel, a topping, 4 sticks, and a step by step guide.




Now when do you need “The Kit”? Easy answer.

Is a holiday coming up and you want to bring something interactive for friends and family to enjoy? How about a fundraiser where you could sell these (customized) kits and raise money for something you care about? We also have events here at The Cupcake Bar where we contribute to a cause and your purchase of a kit gives back to a charity or organization.

(By the way, $1 from the sale of every Cupcake Kit is donated to our Cause of the Quarter!)

You also don’t have to have a reason at all. Kits are fun for all ages and come in a pretty pink box that will make anyone’s day.

Click below to get pricing and as always, check our Instagram to see what we are up to!

Talk to ya in a kit! (cannot and will not resist a pun, sry)

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