Custom gifting options for Canva

Empowering Small Businesses: Custom Gifting with Canva

As a small business, we know just how much heart and soul goes into everything we do, and that’s why we are always looking for ways to empower as many other small businesses as possible through the products and services we offer.

So when Canva asked us to provide gift boxes for their employee virtual event, we were pumped! Not only do we love and use Canva’s product on a daily basis here at Cupcake HQ, but we also admire their core values, including their commitment to empowering others.

We worked with Canva to design and curate three different boxes for employees to choose from as they celebrated virtually: a Cheese and Charcuterie Gift Box, a Spa Rejuvenation Box, and a Whiskey Gift Box. In lieu of receiving a gift box, employees could also choose to support Austin Pets Alive!, one of our favorite local organizations.

Canva custom gift boxes - Charcuterie, Rejuvenate, Whiskey Box


We knew this would be the perfect opportunity to support as many other small businesses as we could, so we intentionally sourced the gift box contents from other small vendors. And for a personalized touch, we customized the printed elements to match their brand colors and incorporated their logo...using their software, of course!

Canva cares about empowering small businesses


Once employees made their selection, we put the production into motion! Our team specializes in efficiency, and we used our systems and processes to manage multiple products while still ensuring each box was built with care. After the boxes were assembled, they were ready to hit the road (or skies!). Whether the recipients lived across the country or down the street, our shipping and logistics team made sure everyone received their preferred gift.

At The Cupcake Bar, we believe that the products and services we offer, as well as the company as a whole, is elevated when we trust and empower other small businesses to apply their passions. We are so thankful for this opportunity to partner with Canva and help them be a force for good!

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