Top 6 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

6 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day with your Besties!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, but be sure to mark your calendars for Feb 13, too! Whether you’re single or taken, you can always have a Galentine’s celebration with your fave ladies on this special day.

If you’re a fan of the sitcom Parks and Recreation, then you already know the backstory. If you aren’t familiar, Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, created this fictional holiday that has since become a real and wide-spread celebration. Thank you, Leslie!

We’ve done our research and put together our top six ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year.


1. Themed Extravaganza

Who doesn’t love a good theme?! Go all out and create an escape from reality with a completely themed evening!

Create a mood board, share with your group, and have everyone pitch in by bringing a themed item. OR surprise everyone with the theme – just tell them the attire!

Galentine's Theme Extravaganza


2. Sip and Stick

Have a ladies’ night in with nail art! Grab a variety of stick-on nails and have a mani session. We hear they are all the rage!

Want to elevate the evening and bring a fun gift for the ladies? Our Galentine’s Day Gift Sets are still available! Each gift includes a themed wine glass, perfect for sipping while you stick!

Valentine's Sip and Stick


3. Rosé All Night

Everything pink! Wear an article of pink clothing, grab your favorite bottle of Rosé (or make Frosé from scratch), and have each person bring a different type of pink flower! As you sip wine, you can make pink bouquets for everyone to take home.

Want to add something sweet? Add our candy box full of all things pink!

For a bonus, turn on a fun movie like Pretty in Pink or Mean Girls!

Galentine's Rose All Night


4. Wine Tasting with a Twist

Get creative with your very own at-home wine tasting! Have each person bring a different type of wine.

The twist: have everyone Google top facts about the type of wine they selected to bring to the tasting. Once all the tasters have been poured, each person will go around and talk about their wine, aka become the Sommelier.


  • Talk about notes, flavors, and aromas. 
  • Make sure to go in the correct order – Bubbly, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon.
    Galentine's Wine Tasting with a Twist


    5. TV Show Marathon

    Whether you pick your top binge-worthy reality show or a light-hearted comedy like New Girl, Schitt’s Creek, or Parks & Rec (thanks again, Leslie), have each person bring over an item that represents their favorite episode of the show!

    Need something sweet for dessert? We've got you covered with cupcakes for decorating or heart-shaped cookies.

    Galentine's TV Show Marathon


    6. Favorite Things Party

    Invite your friends over and have each person bring two of their “favorite things.” Think skincare products, must-have hair accessories, go-to caffeine boosts, and beyond!

    Once everyone arrives, have each person write their name on two pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. When the gifting begins, each person will draw two names, then give their favorite things to the names they picked. Bonus: encourage your gals to gush about their favorite things and why they chose them!

    Sip on your favorite beverages, enjoy light bites, and enjoy the fun! Everyone gets to leave with two of their friend’s favorite items.

    Tip: Set a monetary limit ahead of time!

    Galentine's Favorite Things Party


    Whether you’re in Austin (like us!) or popping bottles virtually with your besties, we think these ideas are perfect for a Galentine’s evening!

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