Announcement: Your Cupcake Horoscope!

Aries- Sweet vanilla cupcake with whipped cream filling, topped with chocolate fudge icing, rainbow sprinkles and pop rocks Taurus-Lucious Red Velvet cupcake with caramel filling, topped with pink cream cheese icing, mini chocolate chips and walnuts

Gemini- award -winning Tres leches cupcake with whipped cream icing, and toasted coconut topping

Cancer- Decadent Carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese icing and topped with crushed pecans

Leo- Pineapple coconut cupcake with mango filling, topped with praline icing and coconut

Virgo- Refreshing strawberry cupcake with chocolate whipped cream filling, topped with strawberry icing, fresh strawberries and white chocolate chips

Libra- Irresistible Dark chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling, topped with chocolate raspberry buttercream icing, dark chocolate m&ms and a fresh raspberry

Scorpio- Texas Sweet Potato Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing Filled & drizzled with caramel and toasted walnuts

Sagittarius-Heavenly chocolate peanut butter cupcake filled with creamy peanut butter filling, chocolate peanut butter icing, topped with reese's pieces

Capricorn-Frosty Chocolate Mint Cupcake filled with Chocolate Whipped Cream and topped with Milk Chocolate Icing and Crushed Candy Cane

Aquarius- Scrumptious Cranberry-Vanilla Cupcake with Orange Buttercream Icing and Topped with Dried Cranberries and Almonds

Pisces- Delicious Italian Creme cupcake filled with caramel, topped with vanilla bean icing and marshmellows

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