5 Fun Ways To Sweeten Up Your Fall

5 Fun Ways To Sweeten Up Your Fall

Hey, Austin: looking for a way to get outdoors and enjoy the cool, crisp air? Or maybe you’re ready to learn a new hobby and snuggle up with your quarantine crew! Whatever mood fall’s got you in this year, there are lots of ways to enjoy the best things the season has to offer. So today, we’re bringing you five fall things to do in and around Austin!

And by the way…while we may have to pretend just a little bit that it’s chilly enough to wear a sweater, we promise we won’t judge if you decide to wear one. (In fact, we fully support it.)





  1. Indulge in all things fall at an outdoor festival

    Picked the perfect pumpkin yet? Head on out to Sweet Eats Fruit Farm in Georgetown and join the fun at their Fall Festival! Now through November 8, you can enjoy a multitude of activities for all ages— “from Pony Rides and Pig Races to our Hay Maze and giant Petting Zoo, there is plenty to keep ages 1-100 entertained for hours!”

“Get there early and wear comfortable shoes,” says Lori, our Chief Cupcake Officer. She, Mr. Cupcake, and Cupcake Nugget had a blast when they visited earlier this season. Those smiles say it all!



2. Knitting: It’s not just for grandmas anymore!

We’ve got nothing but love for Granny, of course. All we’re saying is, maybe we should have been taking notes from her all along! After all, what’s cozier than a scarf on a crisp autumn day? Not much--except maybe a scarf that’s hand-knit with love! 

For the crafty types among us, this fall could be a great time to try your hand at some knitting. We’re looooving the chunky one featured in this how-to video. Bonus: it’s great for beginners! And while it may not be *quite* cold enough to light a real fire in your fireplace, you can always stream one on your computer screen while you work. Trust us, it works.

3. Update your fall garden

Now that the heat’s gone for the summer (knocks on wood, crosses fingers and toes), it’s finally cool enough to go outside without melting. That means it’s the perfect time to start your own backyard fall veggie garden!

Located in the Austin area? Strengthen your green thumb with tips from the garden wizards at Central Texas Gardener. Check out their monthly “To Do” lists (here are September’s, October’s, and November’s) to keep your garden growing strong all season long. Trust us, when you bite into that first homegrown squash, it will all be worth it.

Veggies not your thing? Check out the incredible succulents at Succulent Native. And they’ll even deliver your plant babies to you—how amazing is that?!

4. Giddyup!

We’re not horsing around with this one! Experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country like you never have before: on horseback! Check out Texas Trail Riders, Maverick Horseback Riding, or Tri-Star Farm for a unique and social distancing-friendly way to hit the trails. 

By the way, while you’re out enjoying that crisp fall air, be sure to pack one of our Trail Mix Kits in your snack bag! That way, each of your favorite cowboys and cowgirls can enjoy their own blend of salty, spicy, and sweet.

5. Mix it up with fall-inspired cocktails

As much as we love our PSLs around here, we’ll admit: sometimes the adults need something that packs more of a punch (you know, on a Friday at 5 PM...or on a Tuesday at 10:30 AM…because 2020). Whether you’re in the mood for a cold, creamy hard cider float or want to warm up with a toasty pumpkin extravaganza, nothing spices things up better than a fall cocktail! Cheers, y’all!


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