Woman hands custom caramel apple to wedding guest at fall wedding in Austin, Texas

The Caramel Apple Bar: You will FALL in Love!

With the fall season just around the corner, it's time for the leaves to turn colors and the weather to cool down (finally)! What better way to celebrate the change than with an ooey, gooey, sweet and spiced caramel apple?

For a limited time only, we're thrilled to bring back our seasonal favorite: the Caramel Apple Bar!


About the Caramel Apple Bar

Just like our Cupcake Bar, our Caramel Apple Bar is a full-service, fully-customizable interactive dessert experience for weddings, corporate events, mitzvahs, and any celebration you can think of!

Our event coordinators work with our clients to create the perfect experience for their guests. On the day of the event, our Caramel Apple Bartenders set up onsite and serve each guest the caramel apple of their dreams!



How does the Caramel Apple Bar work?

Here's how our Caramel Apple Bartenders build each apple to order:  

1) Guests choose their pre-dipped caramel apple: sweet red or tart green?

2) Then they pick their toppings. Guests can choose one topping, two toppings, or all the toppings!

3) Slice or no slice: Our apple slicers come in handy, and our Bartenders can slice the apples for easy snacking.

4) Make it drizzle: Add a little caramel or chocolate drizzle for extra flavor.

5) Enjoy! Let the sweet treat fill your APPLE-tite!


Display of custom caramel apples at an Austin, Texas fall wedding

How can I customize the Caramel Apple Bar for my event?

Our event coordinators are celebration specialists, and we know how to make make your service extra amazing! We'll work with you to bring your dessert vision to life and match the style, theme, or vibe of your event. From branding options to costuming, we have tons of ways to create a fun, unique, and sweet experience.

Toppings at a custom caramel apple bar at an Austin, Texas fall wedding


If you’re looking for an interactive tasty treat celebrate the season, let us know. We would love to serve a little sweetness at your next social or corporate event, and we know that everyone will find it a-PEEL-ing (and awesome)! Happy Fall!


Linens: Marquee Rental Group

Photography: Kelly Rucker

Venue: Brazos Hall

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