Customized corporate Trail Mix Gift with Pitney Bowes

Custom Gifting Spotlight: Trail Mix Kit with Pitney Bowes

From custom corporate gifting to our selection of curated gifts, we're here to make it easy to celebrate everything with a variety of gifting services. When Pitney Bowes came to us with their proposal for a customized and branded company gift, we were eager to help bring their vision to life.

Pitney Bowes is a global shipping and mailing company known for removing the complexity of sending mail and parcels. They provide technology, logistics, and financial services to small business, retail, enterprise, and government clients.

Custom Trail Mix Corporate Branded Gifting

The Ask: Pitney Bowes came to us looking for a way to showcase their ability to ship a variety of weights, sizes, and densities to potential clients. Our Trail Mix Kit is the perfect way to represent this! The trail mix ingredients are the perfect metaphor - some are heavy, others are light, or it could be a mixed bag. The message is clear: mix it all in a shipment, Pitney Bowes can handle it all at a good rate.

The Gifting Solution: Our team printed a suite of custom branded collateral for items and packaging. When it's time to send a gift box, we assemble the boxes and ship them to potential clients. As part of this ongoing collaboration, we keep stock on hand and manage the fulfillment of boxes on an as-needed basis. All the client has to do is provide us the addresses and we handle the rest!

Custom Corporate Branded Prospective Client Gifting with Pitney Bowes

Make a great impression! Our Ongoing Gifting service is a great way to send a thoughtful and timely gift with ease. This service is the perfect solution for:

  • Onboarding gifts to welcome¬†new employees
  • Employee birthdays or professional milestones
  • Sending thank you gifts to loyal clients
  • Realtors sending closing gifts
  • Client outreach

    We'll work with you to curate the perfect custom gift for your recipients. You'll simply provide the their contact information, and we'll make sure they receive an expertly curated and thoughtful gift, taking the stress off of you. Learn more about our Ongoing Gifting service.

    Custom branded corporate gift box

    We're here to help! At The Cupcake Bar, we strive to make things easy and stress free for our clients through all of our product and service offerings. We appreciate our ongoing collaboration with the folks at Pitney Bowes and being a part of their custom gift experience! Let us know how we can help you!

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