Event Branding Options to customize your next event

Event Branding Options

How to make your brand stand out at an event

Here at The Cupcake Bar, we are all about customizing. From our interactive dessert experiences that allow guests to create their own custom treat to making sure the color and decor match your theme, we've got you covered.

But did you know that we can do so much more than that? Whether you're hosting a social event, like a wedding or Bat Mitzvah, or a corporate event, like an employee appreciation or holiday party, there are plenty of ways we can incorporate branding into your event. Check out some of our favorite ways below.

Branded Signage

Signage is a great way to make your mark! Incorporate your branding into even the sweetest elements of your event. Add a meaningful phrase or custom graphic to a Doughnut Wall, put your logo or monogram on a Roaming or Floating Tray. Drive the message of your event home to guests. Take a peek at these stunning examples:

Custom wedding doughnut wall with "All you need is love and donuts"

Custom doughnut wall for product launch at Helium Mobile of text exchange
Custom roaming treats tray at Austin Bat Mitzvah with everything pinkCustom floating treats tray for Seaholm events in Austin, Texas with caramel apples and mini cupcakes 

Logoed Packaging & Paper Goods

We can add your logo to anything, right down to the paper goods! Adding your logo to napkins or to-go packaging (like wedding takeaway bags) are great ways to instill branding and jazz up some of the more subtle event elements. For corporate events, it is a great way to promote your company and promote brand recognition. For social events, it is a sweet detail honoring the VIP(s) of the occasion. Here are a couple examples of how to add a touch of flair:

Custom napkins with logo for event
Custom to-go box for glitter doughnuts with branding at a mitzvah in Austin, Texas

Custom Cupcake Toppers & Food Items

We are in the business of serving up sweet treats, so naturally we are excited to offer some edible branding options. For our namesake cupcakes, add custom fondant or acrylic cupcake logo toppers. Looking to brand other sweets? Macarons, M&Ms, and marshmallows are just some of the food items we can customize. We can also custom wrap water bottles and popcorn bags for your grab and go guests.

Custom cupcake toppers
Custom candy and sweet treats
Custom popcorn bags

Even more fun: Unexpected Extras

Looking for more unique branding options? Outside of sweets, we also offer roaming Flash Tattoos. Customize the temporary tattoos and with a little water your guests can rep your brand in a unique way. Another out-of-the-box branding option we offer is costuming. This is a fun way to customize your event. Whatever your theme, we're happy to dress the part! As you can see from the pictures below, this is a fashionable way to liven up the party:

Flash tattoos from roaming groovy disco girl at a corporate party in Austin
Two servers pass out treats at a Studio 54 themed corporate party in Austin, TX
Art deco wedding Austin Texas Roaming Tray server


Helping to make your event personalized and authentically you is something we take pride in here at The Cupcake Bar. Reach out to see how we can add on unique branding options to your next event!  

Custom Donut Wall and Server for Willy Wonka-themed event in Austin, Texas





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