National Compliment Day 2024

National Compliment Day 2024

Here at The Cupcake Bar we believe in celebrating everything and everyone - including YOU! January 24th is National Compliment Day, and this is one holiday we don't want to miss. We're so happy to celebrate this day and be a ray of sunshine (even in the rain). So if you haven't heard it today, you're doing a great job!

Hanging out Cupcakes for National Compliment Day
Cupcakes and compliments served up for National Compliment Day

We know that dessert makes everything better, so we hit the streets of downtown Austin to hand out COMPLIMENT(ary) cupcakes! Each sweet treat we handed out came with some kind words. "You are worth it," "You got this," and "You shine," were among our heartfelt compliments. We spread the happiness even further by including a compliment book for folks to tear off a page and pass it on to sweeten someone else's day!

Cupcake cheers on National Compliment Day
Celebrating National Compliment Day with Cupcakes in Austin Texas

Let's keep the good vibes going! Check out our Instagram for a recap of how we celebrated in 2024 and our first celebration in 2023 - after all, there's nothing better than cupcakes and compliments on a rainy day. 

And we believe the compliments shouldn't stop there! Take the time to pass along a kind word and make someone's day! We'd love to see the smiles you create, so post a pic and tag us @thecupcakebar as you spread a little joy!

Roaming downtown Austin with free cupcakes for National Compliment Day
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