Top 10 things to include in an Austin amenity gift

Top 10 Things to Include in an Austin Amenity Gift

As you know, at The Cupcake Bar we love to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate being in Austin than an amenity gift full of ATX essentials?

Whether you're hosting a group for a conference, a convention, a trade show, or a wedding, an amenity gift is a thoughtful way to welcome your guests. Curious about what to include to leave a lasting impression? We've got you covered! Check out our top 10 things to include in an Austin amenity gift.


1. Reusable bag

This eco-friendly option is practical on so many levels. A reusable tote can hold the rest of your items, it's packable so it won't take up too much room in their suitcase for the trip back home, and it can be used over and over again (for the grocery store, the beach, you name it). Looking for an insulated option? Use a cooler instead - same great perks as a tote but the advantage of keeping other items chilled while on the go.

A reusable tote is an amenity gift essential

2. Water bottle

Hydration is key! Include a reusable water bottle for folks to use and have as a keepsake. Another great option is to include Austin's own Richard’s Rainwater. Just as good for the planet as a reusable bottle, this net-positive bottled water is served up in infinitely renewable glass bottles and aluminum cans. You could even include electrolyte packets to help themstay hydrated.

Water is an amenity gift essential

3. Snacks 

Help out hungry travelers with a few snacks to munch on when they arrive. Serve up a mix of sweet, savory, and healthy options to appeal to everyone's tastebuds. Trail mix is a crowd pleaser with a variety of treats packaged into one. They won't have to worry about taking them home since these consumables can be enjoyed immediately. 

Greet them with a treat - snack make a delicious addition to any amenity gift

4. Local treats

Showcase local treats that your destination is known for! As a small business, we know just how much heart and soul goes into everything a small business does, and we take pride in supporting fellow small and local companies. Some of our favorite local Austin treats include Mexican wedding cookies from Siete, Longhorn Mix (Caramel and Kettle Corn) from Cornucopia Popcorn, "Texas Chewie" Pecan Pralines from Lammes Candies, trail mixes from austiNuts, and superfood energy bars from Thunderbird Bars.

Local treats add personalization to an Austin amenity gift

5. Coasters

Showcase iconic scenes like the 6th Street Mural, the Capitol, or Lady Bird Lake to remember the trip even after they've gone home. This keepsake item is perfect to include because they are flat and packable. 

Keepsakes like coasters make a great addition to an amenity gift

6. Sun care 

Austin's summer sun can be brutal, so consider including travel sunscreen to protect them from the rays. Not used to the Texas heat? Add a folding fan or cooling towels to help keep them cool. After-sun care like aloe is also a great option for those feeling the burn.

Beat the heat with sun care essentials

7. Turkish towels

These multipurpose towels are lightweight and fast drying. Use as a shawl on cold night, take it to the pool to lounge on, and so much more. Best of all, the compact material makes them easily packable for the trip home.

Multipurpose Turkish towels are lightweight and packable

8. Spa item

Give the gift of self care by including spa items to help them relax, like bath salts or bomb, face or hair mask, lip scrub or balm. Just keep in mind the size - you don't want to make someone have to check their bag due to oversized liquids.

Relax and unwind with spa items

9. Portable speaker

Get the party started with portable speakers. This is a gift they will be sure to use over and over again. Best of all, this item can be branded to really leave an impression.  

Portable speaker is a great addition to an amenity gift

10. Something branded

We're here to help you make a great and lasting impression with your gift, and we know that branding is essential! Add custom branding to merchandise like hats, sunglasses, bags, travel tumblers, stickers, and bottle openers. You can even customize food items like lollipops and cookies with branding. We can add your logo and incorporate your color scheme to the gift contents, packaging, and printed collateral to help you tell your story. Reach out for a quote!

Custom branded hat, travel tumbler, and cookies

Not into DIY?

Our Austin, Texas-Themed Gift takes the guesswork out of what to include in an Austin amenity gift. Full of classic treats and items from some of our favorite spots in Austin, your purchase supports small and local businesses around town.

Gift may include:

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    We're lucky to call this beautiful city home, and we're always proud to spread a little¬†ATX love to visitors and locals alike.¬†Whatever brings you to Austin¬†‚ÄĒ a corporate conference, a wedding, school, or just visiting¬† ‚ÄĒ¬†we're glad you're here!

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