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Top 5 Creative Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

Weddings are a beautiful blending of two lives, surrounded by family and friends celebrating love. When the ceremony, speeches, and dinner are all over, it's time for a sweet treat to end the night. One of our favorites ways to satisfy those late night cravings is a wedding dessert table. With a buffet of options, there are plenty of choices to satisfy your sweet tooth. But how do you make sure you have the perfect spread?

Here are our top 5 tips for how to create a unique and creative wedding dessert table:

1. Opt for interactive desserts

Get involved! Give your guests an interactive dessert experience. This is our specialty - our suite of offerings are full service and fully customizable, which means stress free and unique to you. Our original Cupcake Bar allows guests choose the cupcake flavor, filling, and frosting, then load it up with toppings. Our Doughnut Bar lets guests design the doughnut of their dreams - we custom decorate each doughnut with a generous swirl of luscious filling, a sweet drizzle, and fun toppings. 

But the interactive options don't stop there! From S'mores Bar and D'mores Bar to seasonal offerings like our Caramel Apple Bar, the list goes on. We can even work the crowd with our Roaming Treats service, so that the desserts come to you! Whatever your sweet tooth is craving, we build it right in front of their eyes and serve each custom treat on the spot. The perfect blend of tradition and fun, this is a unique and sweet way to celebrate your love.

Cupcake Bartender serves guest custom cupcake at event in Austin, Texas

2. Include a mix of salty and sweet items

Mix it up! Having variety on the dessert table is great for you and your guests. Make sure there's something for everyone by including different tastes - not just the sweet, but the salty, bitter, or even sour.

For your salty guests, things like popcorn or chocolate covered pretzels will hit the spot. Adding a chocolate element fits the bitter profile we're talking about. Treats like brownie bites or chocolate covered coffee beans are sure to delight the chocoholics in the crowd. Sour candies or something tart like lemon add the sour element for those adventurous guests. You can even shake up the sweet elements on your dessert table by having a variety of textures, like light and fluffy cotton candy, moist and spongy cake, or gooey and chewy cookies. The possibilities are endless!

BONUS: Spice it up! Add in something spicy, like hot honey or a chili-chocolate.

Salty and Sweet Treats for Wedding Dessert Buffet Options
Unique Wedding Dessert Bar Offerings

3. Think small and handheld

Make it mini! Cakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts - we have a lot of BIG ideas on SMALL treats. Cake pops are a great way to make cake portable by serving it on a stick. Mini pies and tartlets are the perfect balance of crust to filling, with the ability to grab and go to the dance floor. Cookies are always a crowd pleaser with infinite flavor possibilities, even when made miniature. Elevate your cookie game with macarons! These delicate French sandwich cookies are handheld, elegant, and don't contain gluten. Dig into fried dough with doughnut holes and churros - their fluffy insides will delight guests if they're dusted in cinnamon sugar or dipped in chocolate.

Small and Handheld treats for your Wedding Dessert Table
Creative Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

4. Display items on levels and group items in odd numbers

Set the stage! Presentation is essential to your dessert table. Make sure all your treats can be seen by passers by. Place your pastries on a pedestal - use risers or cake plates to add height to your display. While symmetry is a steadfast design principle, grouping items in odd numbers makes them more visually appealing. This creates movement and is more effective at capturing your gaze. 

Wedding Dessert Table
Display all the treats on your Wedding Dessert Buffet

BONUS: Dessert WALL! That's right, dessert walls are sweet show-stoppers that will dazzle your guests' eyes and sweet tooth. These statement pieces are two fold - providing guests with a "wow" factor and allowing them to grab a treat off the stunning display. Our Doughnut Wall is completely customizable. Make it your own - have doughnuts that match your wedding colors, include a phrase that speaks to you, anything that represents you and your sweetheart. Let your guests make their mark with our Graffiti Doughnut Wall. Guests with be the artist, using edible spray "paint" to create their doughnut masterpiece.

Wedding Doughnut Wall
Doughnut Bar is the perfect add on to your Wedding Dessert Bar experience

5. Use the couple's favorite treats as inspo

Be the inspiration! Include treats that mean something to you and your sweetheart. Think about nostalgic sweets from your childhood, your go-to movie snack, or classic favorites. Treats from places you've visited or your hometown can help tell your love story, too. From candy bars to gummy bears, rock candy to popping candy, fudge to toffee, marshmallow to candy corn, and everything in between - be sure to have treats with significance to you.

Pink sweets and treats
Unique and creative ideas for your Wedding Dessert Table

BONUS: Add Glitter!

Here at The Cupcake Bar we love GLITTER. Add some sparkle to your dessert table with dazzling treats like our glitter bomb cupcakes and doughnuts. Serve up a shimmering drinks like our Disco Lemonade or add Drink Glitter to any beverage. Spread the love by adding a light dusting of edible glitter to all of your wedding dessert table treats!

Glitter Doughnuts

When it comes to wedding sweets, more is more! Our Dessert Tables can include all of your favorite treats, arranged in an eye-catching, mouth-watering, go-back-for-seconds-and-then-some display. Let us know how we can help make your big day extra sweet! 

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