Virtual Candy Sushi Class

Now Serving: Virtual Candy Sushi Classes!

Calling all sugar (and sushi) fans! We’re excited to share more details about our NEW Virtual Candy Sushi Class! It’s unique, it’s fun, and it’s fully customizable~because that’s how we roll!

Candy Sushi Virtual Class


How do your classes work?

Our event planners work with you before the class to find out more about your celebration. Planning a virtual party? Need an activity for corporate team building? Candy is always a great idea! (We can also send a few fun goodies to go along with the sweets.)

Our sweet suite of virtual classes includes:

  • Cupcake Decorating
  • Candy Charcuterie
  • Candy Sushi
  • Caramel Apples
  • Paletas
  • Cookie Decorating (including Gingerbread for the holidays)
    Virtual Class Candy Sushi


    What’s included?

    The short answer: everything!

    We’ll make sure each attendee has all the necessary sweets and supplies. Whether they’re shipped across the country, picked up at our headquarters, or delivered to doorsteps, our class kits contain everything you need to build the candy sushi board of your dreams.

    And of course, we’ll provide the instruction, too. When it’s time for class, we’ll meet up on Zoom. One of our expert Candy Sushi Professors will walk attendees through each step of the sushi making process (and maybe provide a few surprises and some of our best-kept secrets along the way!). Our curriculum includes lessons on how to design your custom sushi rolls, as well as your very own candy wasabi! 

    The best part? At the end, attendees will have a delicious candy sushi masterpiece to share with friends (or keep all for themselves—we don’t judge).

    Candy Sushi Virtual Class


    Who can participate?

    Our classes are perfect for sweet treat enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. We can host classes for small gatherings, large groups, and everything in between.

     Screen of virtual class participants with their finished candy sushi


    Can we add anything else?

    Absolutely! We LOVE to add-on other fun activities to our classes. Want to include a custom cocktail class? How about inviting a fabulous Drag Queen to join in the fun? We can make it happen! Let us know what we can do to make your event EXTRA sweet and memorable.

    So, whether you’re pursuing your Bachelor’s in buttercream, your Doctorate in desserts, or your candy sushi master Certification, you’ll graduate from our virtual classes armed with all the knowledge you need to make life a little bit sweeter!

    Contact us now to enroll!



    *NOTE about alcohol sales:

    The Cupcake Bar always wants to help you celebrate (responsibly, of course), but we’re not able to sell alcohol at this time. However, we know that sweets + booze=heaven, so if you purchase your favorite alcohol and bring it to us, we’ll be happy to add it to your Austin-area deliveries. Cheers, y’all!

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