Cupcakes, But Make Them Virtual: Now Hosting Online Cupcake Decorating Classes!

Cupcakes, But Make Them Virtual: Now Hosting Online Cupcake Decorating Classes!


Pssst...Hey sweet treat lovers, wanna know the secrets to icing a perfect cupcake? How about curating and designing a sugary, irresistible, and oh-so-sweet candy charcuterie masterpiece? You’re in luck. We’re excited to announce that The Cupcake Bar is now offering a sweet suite of Virtual Classes!

How do your classes work?


Our event planners work with our clients before class to find out more about the event they’re hosting. Our classes are fully customizable, and we’d love to design an experience to fit your theme or elevate your brand! We can also send a few fun goodies to go along with the sweets. (Click here for more info about our custom Gift Boxes.)

We currently offer:

  • Cupcake Decorating

  • Candy Charcuterie

  • Candy Sushi

  • Caramel Apples

  • Paletas

  • Charcuterie

  • Mini Doughnuts

  • Succulent Arrangement

  • …and more!

What’s included?

The short answer: everything! Take a look below at what’s included in some of our most popular class options: our Virtual Cupcake Decorating Classes and our Candy Charcuterie Board Classes.



Who can participate?


Everyone! Our classes are perfect for cupcake enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. We can host classes for small gatherings, large groups, and everything in between. 

Hosting a small group? Live outside the USA? We’d love for you to join us, too! Our cupcake decorating instruction-only classes include the same fun, interactive lessons as our standard classes, plus a detailed list of product recommendations—just BYO cupcakes and supplies!

So, tell me more about these Candy Charcuterie Board Classes…

It’s a candy-lover’s dream! On the day of the class, one of our friendly Candy Professors will guide participants through every step of the candy board creation process. Our curriculum includes lessons on how to use design a beautiful, fun, and cohesive candy board, perfect for grazing!




Can we add anything else?

Absolutely! We LOVE to customize our classes. Want to include a cocktail class? How about Cupcakes + Queens? We can make it happen! Let us know what we can do to make your event EXTRA sweet and memorable!

And we’re always looking for new ways to spread joy near and far, so STAY TUNED for some new classes we’ll be adding to our suite!

So, whether you’re pursuing your bachelor’s in buttercream or your doctorate in desserts, you’ll graduate from our virtual classes armed with all the knowledge you need to make life a little bit sweeter!

Plus…check out some of our favorite cupcake decorating tools and products here!

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