Step-by-step process for how to make disco lemonade with drink glitter

Disco Lemonade Cocktail/Mocktail Recipe

How to make Disco Lemonade

Disco and glitter: could there be a more perfect combination?! We think not. Our favorite drink recipe for celebrating everything will have you dancing the night away! Looking for an easy way to make this recipe? Our Disco Lemonade Kit contains everything you need so you can get the party started ASAP.

Woman dips lollipop into Drink Glitter container for a Disco Lemonade drink recipe


  • Drink Glitter (of course!)
  • Lemon 
  • Lollipop (our favorite are Dum Dums)
  • Raspberry simple syrup
  • Lemon-flavored sparkling wate
  • Optional: Vodka
  • Optional: Cocktail Rimming Sugar or granulated sugar
  • Optional: Ice
Woman dips lollipop into drink glitter and then into disco lemonade drink


  1. For a sugared rim, run lemon wedge around cup rim and dip into rimming sugar or granulated sugar.
  2. Fill cup with ice (optional; chill ingredients ahead of time if you omit the ice)
  3. Add 1 oz mixer, the juice of 1/4 of a lemon, and vodka (if desired). Top with sparkling water
  4. Dip lollipop into water, then dip into Drink Glitter. Use your disco lollipop to stir your drink and get the party started!
Woman dips drink glitter lollipop into a disco lemonade drink

Substitutions and Customizations:

  • No simple syrup and sparkling water? No problem! This drink can be made with lemonade instead!
  • For a mocktail, simply omit the vodka!


Finished drink of Disco Lemonade with Drink Glitter

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