Cupcake bartender designing a cupcake as a creative wedding cake alternative

Creative & Fun Wedding Desserts that Aren't Cake

Ring in the New Year with your fiancée? Here at The Cupcake Bar, we love to celebrate EVERYTHING - especially weddings! One of our favorite parts of the big day is, you probably guessed it, the dessert. A traditional wedding cake is something most guests look for as they enter the reception, but serving up something sweet in addition is becoming more and more popular. There's no need to choose just one, so do both. After all, you can have your cake and eat your cupcake, too! 

Cupcakes are a perfect wedding cake alternative

In need of inspiration? Here are a few creative wedding dessert ideas that aren't cake for couples who are at the beginning of their researching journey. Check out these sweet twists on a traditional wedding cake.

A cake by any other name would taste as sweet

Bridal party cheers-ing with cupcakes to celebrate wedding

Cupcakes are a cake adjacent alternative that allows everyone to have their own piece of cake without the need for a huge layered, statement cake. Another way to make cake portable? Cake pops - everything is better on a stick. Want something that leans more savory? How about cheesecake! This creamy option comes in many flavors and styles - Basque Burnt, New York, no-bake, Japanese, just to name a few.

Our classic Cupcake Bar service lets everyone create their own cupcake masterpiece

Looking to let your guests create their own cupcake? A unique and sweet way to celebrate your love, our classic Cupcake Bar service is the perfect blend of tradition and fun! Guests choose the cupcake flavor, filling, and frosting, then load it up with toppings. Our Cupcake Bartenders assemble and serve each custom treat on the spot.

Breakfast for dessert 

Go nuts for doughnuts! A tasty wedding dessert that isn't cake

Breakfast foods shouldn't be limited to the early morning hours. Serve up some breakfast classics for dessert that are guaranteed to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Cinnamon rolls, waffles, pancakes, and doughnuts can be elevated with toppings galore to turn them into a dessert your guests will adore.

Doughnut wall makes a statement and serves up delicious doughnuts for your wedding dessert

Memorable, delicious, and filled with love, our Doughnut Bar service is a crowd-pleasing alternative to the traditional wedding dessert. Guests design the doughnut of their dreams, then we custom decorate each doughnut with a generous swirl of luscious filling, a sweet drizzle, and fun toppings! Trust us–you doughn’t want to miss this chance to delight your guests.

It has fruit so it's "healthy"

Bride and Groom celebrating their marriage with caramel apples - wedding dessert alternative

A lot of delicious desserts include fruit to give the illusion of it being healthy. We're looking at you, pie! Apple, cherry, key lime, lemon meringue - pies come in a variety of flavors and sizes that allow you to find the perfect piece. Looking for more fruit? Caramel apples are a fall staple that delight the young and young-at-heart. Don't forget parfaits - everybody likes parfaits! Layers of fruit, custard or yogurt, granola, and toppings are a de(light)ful dessert option.

Caramel Apple Bars are a fall favorite

Getting married in autumn? Your guests will fall in love with our Caramel Apple Bar, where they can enjoy the perfect seasonal treat! Guests take creative control, we do the work, and we serve each custom-made apple with a little sparkle (and plenty of napkins!) to celebrate your love!

Chill out

Nitro treats are cool to look at an fun to eat - wedding desserts that aren't cake

In the hot summer months, especially here in Texas, a cold and refreshing treat is the way to go. Dishing out ice cream and sorbet is sure to bring out the kid in everyone. Serve up your favorite flavors and let guests create their own sundae. Looking for a spectacle? Nitro treats are just the thing! From popcorn to marshmallows, liquid nitrogen transforms ordinary treats into a smokey sight.

Bride and groom making s'mores to celebrate their wedding day

Looking for s'more? After the toasts, how about a roast (roasting marshmallows, that is). Another summertime favorite is ooey gooey s'mores - the perfect combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. This instant crowd-pleaser is fun for all ages. Roast your marshmallows to toasty perfection with this kit, be that a slow rotisserie method or by putting them directly into the flames. Our S'mores Bar allows guests to make their own s'more on the spot, with a variety of chocolates marshmallows. Our D'Mores Bar serves up s'mores with a twist by replacing the graham cracker with a doughnut: doughnut + s'more = d'more. It is every bit as decadent and fun as it sounds!

I want candy

Candy bars serve up your favorite sweets and can be completely customized to reflect the bride and groom - wedding desserts that aren't cake

Make everyone feel like a kid in a candy store! Sugary sweets come in a variety of options - chocolate, sour, gummy, taffy, caramellicoricecotton candy, and so on. Serve up the bride and groom's favorite movie snack like M&Ms and Sour Patch Kids; nostalgic candy like Pop Rocks or Fun Dip; or candy in colors to match the wedding theme like all pink Starburst or gold wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Roaming treats bring the sweets to your guests

Want more than just a standalone table? Our Roaming Treats service brings the sweets to you! No need to leave the dance floor for a sugar boost, just grab a bite from the tray. 

Candy Sushi bar is a unique and creative wedding dessert alternative

Looking for a sweet twist on sushi? Our Candy Sushi Bar is a unique alternative to wedding cake. Guests can take a bite out of handcrafted rolls, featuring Rice Krispies Treats, Swedish Fish, and Fruit Roll-ups.

Sample a Cultural Delight

Macarons make a delicious and creative wedding dessert that isn't cake

Treat your guests to sweets from around the world. Hispanic postres like tres leches cakeflan or churros; Italian dolci like tiramisu or cannoli; French desserts like macarons and crème brûlée; Greek delights like baklava; New Orleans classic beignets. This could be inspired by a delicacy the couple found on one of their adventures together or part of the couple's heritage and tradition. 

Indulge on family favorite cookies - a perfect wedding cake alternative or addition

Wedding cookie tables are a longstanding tradition as an accompaniment to the wedding cake. Display a variety of cookies, homemade or professionally done, family recipes or your favorite craving. Classic cookies like chocolate chip, intricately detailed frosted sugar cookies, cinnamon and sugar snickerdoodles, nutty peanut butter, spiced gingersnap, oatmeal raisin, jam thumbprint, (Mexican/Italian) wedding cookies,. Cultural cookies could include Germany's Linzer cookies; Italy's pizzelles, biscotti, or rainbow cookies; or the Netherlands' stroopwafels. Add in other bite-sized treats like cream puffswhoopie pies, meringues, coconut macaroons, or fortune cookies.

The limit does not exist

Dessert tables allow you to have all the sweets - wedding cake alternative

When it comes to wedding sweets, more is more! Dessert Tables can include all of your favorite treats, arranged in an eye-catching, mouth-watering, go-back-for-seconds-and-then-some display. Check out our Top 5 Creative Wedding Dessert Table Ideas for even more inspiration. 

Want to go vertical? Dessert walls are sweet show-stoppers that will dazzle your guests' eyes and sweet tooth. These statement pieces are two fold - providing guests with a "wow" factor and allowing them to grab a treat off the stunning display. Our Doughnut Walls are completely customizable. Book the Doughnut Wall on its own, or combine it with one of our dessert bars to create the ultimate dessert at your reception!

"All you need is love and donuts" doughnut wall creative wedding dessert ideas

We serve up unique and interactive wedding cake alternatives that will delight you and your guests no matter how you slice it. The perfect blend of tradition and fun, interactive dessert experiences are our specialty. Our suite of offerings are full service and fully customizable, which means a stress free and unique way to celebrate your love.

Request a quote to see how we can add something sweet to your special day!

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