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Make it Magical - Harry Potter Wedding & Event Inspo

Calling all wizards and muggles - looking to bring some magic to your next event? Our resident Wizarding World fanatics have an eye for design and are ready to help bring your Harry Potter-Inspired events to life!

Grab your robes, wands, and broomsticks because we're heading back to Hogwarts! From weddings to birthday parties, corporate events to spellbinding treats, a Harry Potter theme is the perfect spell to cast on your next event.

Harry Potter-themed Weddings

Looking for Harry Potter wedding inspiration? Check out these beautiful pictures from weddings we've had the honor of being a part of.

Kim and Greg's Wedding

These Gryffindors included their house colors in their wedding Cupcake Bar. The scarlet and gold linens are complemented by the gold accents - cupcake stand, toppings bowls, menu frame, and candles. The floral arrangement includes other Wizarding World elements, like feathers giving a nod to owls like Hedwig or writing quills. Check out these amazing wedding photos by Anastasia Strate Photography:

Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Cupcake Bar Austin
Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Cupcake Bar

Abby and Vanessa's Wedding

These brides invited guests to enjoy our Cupcake Bar with a twist - each bar was themed according to their Hogwarts House. Linens and decor showcased the house colors - scarlet and gold for Gryffindor, emerald green and silver for Slytherin - complete with menus featuring the house crest.

Harry Potter Themed Wedding Cupcake Bar
Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration Cupcake Bar

More than just decor, we have Harry-Potter inspired treats perfect for any occasion. Let us know how we can bring some extra magic to your next event!

Cupcake Kisses at Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Austin Texas

Give Back

Think of us as Honeydukes - a one stop shop to satisfy your sweet tooth! This holiday season, we’re proud to once again partner with Diagon Alley ATX to support the Austin Imagination Foundation. Although Diagon Alley ATX is taking a break this year to reimagine their display, we wanted to continue supporting their mission. We are donating 20% of the proceeds from our limited-edition Harry Potter-themed treats to their foundation. Learn more in our Diagon Alley ATX and The Cupcake Bar are Joining Forces blog post.

The Sorting Box of cupcakes in support of Diagon Alley ATX
Ollivanders Glitter Wand Kit in support of Diagon Alley ATX


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